BE...Positive - Banish your inner wimp

You can grin. You can dance.
But if you use certain telltale “Wimpy Words”, the game’s over before you begin. You may not be aware of it, but these pesky, little telltale indications of negativity are an open window to your inner feelings about the client, your team, your company, you name it.
Wimpy words…

  • Reveal your underlying fear

  • Uncover your uncertainty

  • Show your lack of confidence

  • Equate to lack of commitmentto the project

  • Are NOT persuasive and do not build trust!

Do you routinely use any of the following in conversation? 

  • “I’ll try”

  • “Hopefully” “Maybe” “Might” or “Probably”

  • “I think” “In my opinion” or “I believe”

If you do, STOP it right now! These words belong in a glossary for wimps! If you use these affirmations of wimpy-ness in normal conversation, they’ll certainly show up in your presentations and interviews.

Use action words for clarity and conviction.

  • “We do…” “We are confident...”

  • “I know…” “Experience-gained...”

  • “Embrace the challenge...”

  • "Eliminate the learning curve...”

Instead of “We will, or we’ll try...”
Say, “Experience has taught us…“ or “We do this."

Build Trust. Tell your client what you DO!
When you walk into an interview, act like you already have the job. Be in the moment. Brainstorm about project challenges. Be the best team. Now, in your mind’s eye, you’re already moving forward, building the project and speaking confidently.

  • “We KNOW we can meet your project schedule.”

  • “We’re confident your project can meet your budget.”

  • “We have a plan.”

  • “We DO this on every job.”

The simple state of being in the moment; using strong, positive words, and pulling out the subtle hesitations – the implied negatives – gives your client a sense of confidence…in you, and in what you have to say.