BE Passionate! Leverage Your Vocal Variety.

Good presenters know that it is the delivery of those words that tip the scales and create the winning presentation. The very sound and tone of your voice evokes passion (or lack thereof). Words do not evoke passion; words give information.

Use your voice to convey energy, excitement and passion. To be interesting and easy to listen to - it’s all about the way you use your voice. It’s all about how you deliver those words.

Apply vocal dynamics because:

1. Vocal emphasis and inflection are two of the best ways to spark interest in your audience. (hint: This also works in normal conversation.)

2. Using inflection will emphasize key words in a sentence.

3. Fluctuating between louder and softer assertions keeps the audience listening and focused.

How do you use your voice to further convey passion? This is an especially important question for people who talk a mile-a-minute. You are probably tired of hearing people telling you to slow down. Try this instead: P-A-U-S-E. Emphasize with silence your important comments. This lets your audience keep pace with you. If you feel like rushing to get it all in, you have too many words and too many thoughts. BOIL IT DOWN. What is the most important things that need to be said?

Don’t rush and speak faster trying to get it all in. Say less and say it with power and conviction! Your audience will actually remember more!

Don’t Flat-line and Die on the Stage Visualize a doctor’s electronic heart rate monitor, the one with the blipping screen and the line going up and down. This shows your heart-rate. What does it mean if the line runs flat across the bottom of the screen? That’s right: You’re dead. A monotone voice - talking at the same, flat rate, without inflection…and your presentation dies, too. You will put your audience to sleep. Instantly. In short, you are going to die.

Use your voice to convey energy, excitement, and passion. Your audience will stay interested by the virtue of HOW YOU SOUND.