Services for the Success of Your Company


Presentation Training

In today’s competitive marketplace, you need every advantage you can find.  Marketing Evolutions offers formal training to help prepare technical staff for interviews, transform your presentations and help you win more work. [Read more...]


What makes you stand apart from your competition and why should they select you?  Marketing Evolutions can help you storyboard and deliver presentations that stand out to the client, transforming your presentations and increasing your hit rate. [Read more...]

Perception Surveys

Knowing what your customers want, need, and value is critical to your firm’s success.  Marketing Evolutions conducts client perception surveys to help professional service firms and companies understand what the client wants, leveraging that information into effective marketing and sales programs. [Read more...]

Business Development Training for Technical Staff

Doing great work isn’t enough to get new business anymore, because the market is competitive and clients have many options.  Marketing Evolutions can show you how to successfully advocate for your business by designing a customized training program on how to build relationships, grow an effective network, gain referrals and more. [Read more...]

Meeting Facilitation & Partnering

Change up your company meeting to make it more productive or hold a team building for your group to foster closer working relationships and create common goals.  Marketing Evolutions can facilitate your next event to help your group reach consensus, build trust, and have fun. [Read more...]

Keynotes & Workshops

With numerous experiences as a keynote speaker and facilitator of workshops, Dena Wyatt is a top speaker in the A/E/C industry.  Learn from her as she shares her knowledge of creating impactful presentations and how to coach your team for better results. [Read more...]