Client Perception Survey

Client Perception Surveys
A penny for your thoughts?

Knowing what your customers want, need, and value is critical to your firm’s success.  The most common way to know what is in your client’s head is to ask them using a client perception survey.

These quantitative satisfaction surveys are conducted with a specified segment of your client and prospect base that evaluates your firm on a variety of variables — tailored to your needs and objectives — and provides you with tracking data to benchmark firm performance, quality, responsiveness, competitiveness, fees, and more.

Marketing Evolutions has conducted hundreds of client interview, focus groups, and surveys to help professional service firms and companies understand what the client wants, leveraging that information into effective marketing and sales programs.

Through these interviews, valuable insight is gained into your clients' minds, as well as enhanced client relationships and expanded client loyalty.

This information will help you shape your core messaging and strategies and tactics to elevate your profile with key prospects, expand your market share and provide insight into your competitors' strengths and weaknesses.

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We hired Dena to interview our clients as a third-party consultant so we could really understand what our clients think about our company and our delivery of services.

Dena was able to gain insight into our clients’ wants and needs, and we have been able to capitalize on that information.
— SW