Secret Weapon to Use During Q & A

Building on our prior article, "How to handle Q & A," a secret weapon follows that will make your answer strong and convincing. This formula keeps you focused on the client and is especially helpful with those broad questions like “Describe your communication style?” Or “What constitutes a change order?”
It is called the ST. A. R. formula. 

ST – Situation
A – Action
R – Results
Let’s play this out, say you are asked: “What constitutes a change order?” 
(First, always start with an overarching statement – like your philosophy or the culture your company holds about the topic.)
“We hate change orders!  Change orders often have a negative connotation in our industry and are more prevalent on hard bid projects.”  (Now, move into the ST.A.R. formula)
•    ST - Under the GMP, as is proposed for this project, we don’t anticipate any change orders from the construction side.  The only change order would come from a change in scope. (This is the situation as pertains to their job.)

•    A - Our early involvement during preconstruction allows us to thoroughly understand the project and assist the design team in filling in any gaps that may be discovered. Additionally, we review the scope with the subcontractors to ensure they have a complete and thorough scope and price as well. (The action you take to control and mitigate change orders.)

•    R - The result is a project that meets your expectations and meets the budget we developed early on. We have completed our last 5 projects with zero contractor change orders. (The result and benefit to the client with any proof and evidence you have to back your statement.)
This formula helps keep you focused on the client, their project, and the value your team brings to the project. 

In the last article on this topic, we will share things to avoid during Q & A.