Meeting Facilitation

Meeting Facilitation & Partnering

Are you looking to change up your company meeting – make it more productive?  Or hold a team building for your group to foster closer working relationships and create common goals?

Having Dena facilitate your next event brings a fresh perspective and element of interest.  She can help your group reach consensus, build trust or simply have fun.

Dena also conducts Partnering Sessions for the kick-off of projects or to assist in resolution of challenges that often arise during the construction of a project.  Partnering is designed to define common goals, improve communication, and foster a problem-solving attitude among the project participants.

Construction by nature can be challenging and often times an adversarial relationship can develop.  Partnering encourages a change from the traditional adversarial relationships to a more cooperative, team-based approach.

Partnering Sessions assist in:

  • Creating common goals for the team
  • Encouraging open communication
  • Fostering stronger relationships among stakeholders
  • Understanding potential setbacks and avoid surprises
Dena did a great job facilitating our retreat and helping us develop a forward-looking Strategic Plan.

She was able to bring together and consolidate a wide variety of industry perspectives into a coherent plan. Her style of communicating fostered an open exchange of ideas which she helped us synthesize.

We met our goals in a tightly compressed timeframe thanks to her energetic and innovative approach to the work!
— DB