Prepare. practice. win.

Selling professional services, from engineering and design to construction, is a far cry from selling widgets. Your brand is you and your people. Your product is you and your work.

Dena Wyatt, President and founder of Marketing Evolutions, understands the complex nature of professional services marketing and brings a unique perspective to the construction industry.  Dena has over 25 years of experience helping firms develop technical staff, differentiate themselves from other firms, and win more work.  

Choose Marketing Evolutions and watch your business grow.

When my organization retained Marketing Evolutions, I was immediately impressed. Dena Wyatt brings an extremely functional and robust understanding of the drivers and nuances in the construction industry to her trainings.

With a team of busy professionals, watching that early buy-in convert to real skills, and then watching those skills develop quickly, is a real win.

I would recommend Dena Wyatt to anyone looking at strengthening their presentation and sales skills.
— JB